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OSTL Labs offer complete food safety testing services, on site, using approved rapid tests, EIA assays, and molecular tests.  Its inspectors can assess the needs, review testing plans, take appropriate samples, have them tested on site, retest as needed, and issue certificates of compliance without costly delays.  Specialized labs for various needs are available for things like environmental testing of waterways or soil samples, testing containers of food or other contents for hazardous materials or radiologic contaminants at ports of entry, or testing field samples of plants and animals.

Packing Plant Inspections

Our trained inspectors can review HACCP plans, take relevant samples, perform testing on site using lateral flow, EIA, or molecular testing then report results in the shortest time possible.  OSTL labs use special chain of custody software for reporting results and can issue certification of compliance to help mitigate risks and comply with regulations.

Immunoassay and molecular testing done on site.

Depending upon the needs, each OSTL lab is equipped with validated lateral flow, ELISA and molecular tests employing the newest methods for detection and confirmations on site.

Real Time Chain of Custody

Using a proprietary GPS system and chain of custody software, samples are tracked and reported on a cloud based server for real time analysis and reporting via satellite communication system.

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