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On Site Testing Labs (OSTL) is a network of sophisticated mobile labs that provide food safety, environmental, and biothreat testing services to FDA, USDA, CDC, EPA, DHS, and to food-related companies. As part of the Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2011, FDA regulations will require over 200,000 companies to establish a testing plan for certain pathogens and sanitation procedures for most companies growing, processing, or handling food products destined to the US consumer.  EPA mandates that certain waterways be tested for bacteria and toxins.  USDA regulations require testing for many pathogens known to infect crops and livestock.  This multi-billion dollar marketplace is plagued with delays getting test results back from understaffed, overworked inspectors and state run labs while food and livestock remains quarantined or at risk.  The OSTL network of labs employ off-the-shelf tests to immediately test samples collected by highly trained inspectors and lab operators thereby providing faster turn around, reducing costs, and provides certification of testing and compliance...virtually real-time.  On Site Testing Labs (OSTL) link together digitally via a cloud-based server using satellite communication gear that interface with various government agencies responsible for oversight.

Robert C. Bohannon, PhD

Molecular Virologist

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Bohannon, the creator of OSTL, is a graduate of Baylor College of Medicine, has created over 200 diagnostic tests using lateral flow, EIA, ECL, PCR, and isothermal systems resulting in 10 issued patents and numerous pending patents.  Over 20 of these tests are FDA cleared for drugs of abuse and includes the only rapid HIV saliva test, OraQuick...named 2004 invention of the year by Popular Science.  Dr. Bohannon has many years experience working in BSL3+ labs with biowarfare pathogens and human pathogens. He has hired and overseen dozens of direct reports, managed multi-million dollar budgets, and overseen 60+ projects at one time. His unique bottom line, pragmatic management style has earned him accolades from some of the industry's leaders as reported in his LinkedIn profile.  Dr. Bohannon is a of the few able to see unmet needs and invent ways to fill those needs.  He is the creator of the OSTL platform based upon decades of experience and listening to what the marketplace is clamoring for.