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COVID-19 assays under development!

On Site Testing Labs (OSTL) will be a network of sophisticated mobile labs that provide food safety, environmental, and biothreat testing services to FDA, USDA, CDC, EPA, DHS, and to food-related companies. As part of the Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2011, FDA regulations will require over 200,000 companies to establish a testing plan for certain pathogens and sanitation procedures for most companies growing, processing, or handling food products destined to the US consumer.  EPA mandates that certain waterways be tested for bacteria and toxins.  USDA regulations require testing for many pathogens known to infect crops and livestock.  This multi-billion dollar marketplace is plagued with delays getting test results back from understaffed, overworked inspectors and state run labs while food and livestock remains quarantined or at risk.  The OSTL network of labs employ off-the-shelf tests to immediately test samples collected by highly trained inspectors and lab operators thereby providing faster turn around, reducing costs, and provides certification of testing and compliance...virtually real-time.  On Site Testing Labs (OSTL) link together digitally via a cloud-based server using satellite communication gear that interface with various government agencies responsible for oversight.
NOTE: Currently, OSTL in inactive as of 2021.
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